Sunday, May 18, 2008

Furtune Cookie for Dad

Among the many things I've learned from my Dad, is the great appreciation of good Chinese food. He is full of fortune cookie wisdom.

Some of his famous one-liners include-

"Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery." Heard almost on a weekly basis.

"Hmmmm." No one say's hmmm like my dad.

"What's up kiddo?" I don't even think he realizes he says this. Alot.

Any reference to his boss includes the phrase "our fearless leader" in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

and my personal favorite...

"Anything your little heart desires."

On our first date, (when you date a woman with four teenage daughters you take her kids too) we went for Chinese food. We knew it was a match when we almost got kicked out of the restaurant for laughing so hard. And we've been laughing and having fun ever since. So for Dad... I crocheted you a fortune cookie. One that won't mold no matter how old you get.

Happy Birthday! We love you Gramps!

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mousemovie said...

Thanks, Kiddo... My made my Birthday complete. Well, as complete as it gets until I see you on Tuesday!

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