Thursday, May 22, 2008


When we were little, my Mom dressed all four of us alike, and a lot of the time in clothes she had sewn herself. We hated it, but it must have made a lasting impression (or more like it was emblazoned in my brain). What I hated as a child is now something I do myself. Yikes! I am obsessed with coordinating Little Miss' outfits with hair bows. And a lot of times she even coordinates with what I'm wearing. I either have too much time on my hands, or have psychological damage from my childhood. Probably both. The whole matchy-matchy business has gotten out of hand and to my hand. I don't have feeling in three of my right fingers from hot glue gun burns. I made twenty hair bows today. Yes, you can read. Twenty.

I blame my mother for this.

If you think it's a little overboard for one child to have so many bows and cute girly shoes, well then, I've gone overboard. But you're going to really flip when you find out that I want to pierce her ears. And before you lecture me about it, just remember that I'm cited as a reference in a book about the dangers of piercing.

You might as well tell someone straight out, "You look like crap today." That's what they really mean when they say you look tired. And yes, I know I look tired. I am.


Crazy Me... said...

Your blog inspired me. the end

Mothership said...

Too cute!! your both look adorable. 20 bows? amazing!!

jez_ika said...

I saw all those bows and they are flippin cute!

Fred and Char said...

Only twenty? Make more they are adorable. You look amazing!! Wow just as beautiful as I remember. My neighbor pierced her baby's ears and she looked so cute. Do what you want!

Christa said...

My goodness that baby is just gorgeous! You guys look so cute! Someday you'll have to teach me how to make bows, maybe when I see you guys in August!

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