Friday, May 16, 2008


Ever wake up in the middle of the night just dying to make something? No? Just me? Try it sometime, it leads to great afternoon naps. Anyway, a few days ago while at Macy's I fell in love with this necklace...but it was more than I was willing to spend as much as I loved it. It has been on my brain and I've been thinking. I could make this, I know I could. And this morning at 5:23 A.M. I found the pattern on-line. I hope some of you out there like it too, because I see it your Christmas future. If you're totally in love too and won't be able to sleep until you know you'll own one too, let me know your favorite color and it'll make Christmas shopping this year that much easier.

The real reason I'm up is because my hand is bugging me. Why? A huge fat burn all puffy with pus. I resisted taking a picture for your breakfast enjoyment. Actually, the camera battery is dead.

Anyway, the list of reasons why I hate to cook gets longer...Do I need to point out that going out for Sushi does not pose a health hazard. O.K. bad example. But the point is that since McDonald's and their famous coffee lawsuit, restaurants take their customer's safety pretty seriously. It's a whole lot safer than cooking in my own kitchen that's for sure. I'm actually pretty proud of the fact that all I said was 'Fetch'.

My flippin' annoying burn. Once you get past the initial searing of the flesh, it actually isn't painful. It's just in an obnoxious spot. I keep brushing it against things and I'm trying to prevent it from opening. How do you think hand sanitizer (which is alcohol based mind you) is going to feel every five minutes while I work this weekend? Fetch.

But at least I found my Puffy Heart Pattern. So for the rest of the day rather than 'Fetch' you'll only hear me say Swarovski.

P.S. I did not need this article to tell me my cat is psychotic. But thank you Yahoo all the same.


clintandnat said...

i love this beading website, no I need to make something!!

Christa said...

Sushi not a health hazard? what about mercury levels and parasitic worms?

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Hence the bad example.

Anonymous said...

Netty - you are hilarious! I love reading your blog.

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