Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Low Maintenance

I'm a simple girl really. That is why chocolate and new jeans for Mother's Day rocks as a gift. Although I'm a lover all things Gap, I've discovered a new love. I love Express jeans. I would wear them every day. And I now sport the definition of wash and wear hair. Good thing too because I had to leave the house in a hurry this morning. To simplify my routine even further, I have switched to mineral make-up (An idea I got from Holly who's makeup always looks awesome. She also has very awesome eyebrows.) Anyway, I'm to the point now where I throw on my jeans, put a little pomade in my hair and can Kabuki my face while giving Little Miss her bath. Problem is, I'm not really a low maintenance girl. According to 'When Harry Met Sally', I'm the worst kind of girl. I'm a high maintenance girl, who thinks she's low maintenance.


Holly said...

Hey, so glad you like my eyebrows. I pay money for them so they better look good! :)

cambridgeclan said...

high maintenance isn't always bad. At least you look good.

Anonymous said...

question: what is the brand name of your makeup called?

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