Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Need Therapy!

"I am too pooped to poop." (Name that movie...) is about where I'm at tonight. I am in desperate need of Knit therapy. Blog Therapy. And let's not forget the all important Massage Therapy. Tonight I will have to settle for The Simpson's Movie Relaxation Therapy. If you are a fan of the Simpson's (like we are), then it is a must see. All right. I admit it. I love the Simpson's! I'm not sure what that says about me, but I'm going to say it means I can appreciate a fine American cultural experience. There are a whole lot of things that Little Miss will be hearing, "do as I say, not as I do." And Simpson's appreciation is just one of them.

I actually made some progress on unpacking today. The kitchen is unpacked and cleaned up and...that's about it. I learned a few things during this move. #1. For someone who doesn't like to cook, I have a lot of spatulas and gadgets. #2. I have fancy platters and bowls that I've collected and we got for our wedding which I've been saving for a "special" occasion. They've never been used. How sad is that? I've decided that if we haven't had a "special" occasion in five years then the only "special" occasion they are going to be used for is my funeral. From now on, we use the good stuff.

Last night was also the first night that Little Miss slept in her own room. She was fine and did great. It was me who had the problem. At 2:30AM when I couldn't sleep anymore, I went and got her and put her in bed with me. I slept fine after that. She's not the one who is spoiled, it's me. But we already knew that.

Speaking of the Pampered Princess...I chopped my hair off. My husband is not fazed anymore by his wife's regular change in hairstyles. His only comment was, "Well, we must be having a change in our lives. Either that, or your joining the witness protection program." It is seriously short. Not quite Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, but very close. The plan is to go to the fair this weekend, so we'll take pictures then. And maybe, just maybe I'll have unpacked my camera cord by then.


Anonymous said...

Chance Says it in Homeward Bound 1

Holly said...

I wanna see the hair! I love you with short hair :)

Fred and Char said...

Short sexy sassy...sweet.

mrs. r said...

i wanna see photos!

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