Wednesday, May 21, 2008

True Cougars Bleed Blue

We (O.K one of us) has been waiting for this day for weeks, even months now.

100 Days from today,

BYU will play their first game of the season.
The countdown begins!

My husband is VERY even keeled. He's VERY patient, pretty quiet, and some would describe him even as a nerd. I say, "Marry a nerd. Nerds are Nice. They make great husbands." But when it comes to BYU football he lets loose- crazy, screaming, cheering himself hoarse! He hates to go TO the games because of fans who stand up and block his view of everything going on, or that make dumb comments. He'd rather sit in the privacy of his own home where he can have an unobstructed view and look up stats on his laptop as the game is broadcast. He is a little obsessive about it. I know some wives hate that their husbands watch sports, but I don't mind. For a few months of the year my husband is grateful for full afternoons of his wife quilting and knitting. Because he's only into college ball, it doesn't carry on into the rest of the weekend and games aren't on Sundays. If you're going to be a fan of something, BYU football is a pretty good choice as far a wives' preferences go.

So here you go, babe. Your quilt is finished! (Almost. The quilt top is done. I'll quilt it tonight or tomorrow.)

And there's a new hat in your closet for the new season, and a tee for your newest fan. I'm sure Little Miss will grow up to appreciate a good football game. If not for the sport itself, then for the knitting, or quilting, or at least for the football players themselves!

Go Cougars!

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John said...

GO COUGARS! Thank you sweetheart. I love you and your patience with my obsession.

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