Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Consider Myself Warned

I have been warned by more than a handful of people to prepare myself for the emotional roller coaster of house hunting. I'm not sure their concern stems from their knowledge of my already frazzled state, or their own personal experience with what a stressful experience it can become. And yes, I don't doubt it is stressful. I have to note though that none of these warnings came from my infertile friends, and inside I kind of have to chuckle at the notion.

WHAT? Having all your hopes and dreams wrapped up in one thought, one dream, and then patiently counting the days of your life to see that dream realized and then having life snatch it away is stressful?

Hello!!! It's like we've been waiting to close escrow for four years. And now you think I might get stressed? I'm pretty sure I can handle this. If infertility does anything for you, it makes you a very tough chick. It's like we've been training for a triathlon of home purchasing. I think I can handle buying a house.

I think.

Please direct your concern towards my spouse. I'm more worried about him.

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The Wife said...

Buying a house compared to infertility is a like a stubbed toe to a leg amputation. Although neither is an enjoyable process, if you can get through the leg amputation, you won’t be phased by the stubbed toe. They do have their similarities – both involve lots of paperwork, dealing with stupid people, and would be a heck of a lot easier if we had a million dollars to throw around. Good Luck! Happy House Hunting! ; )

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