Friday, May 1, 2009

Lest You Think I've Been Slacking

While I was working full time, I still kept Fridays off. They were fondly known as my "do nothing day." As in do nothing but knit, craft, sew, nothing...whatever. A couple of times we even went out for donuts for breakfast. Get it? Do-nutin'. Donut. Any excuse will do for donuts for breakfast, but a pun? Mmmmmhmmmm.

So Fridays were THE day. These days there isn't so much of a do nothing day, but do nothing moments. minutes. It's better that way. When I add up all these little do nothing moments sprinkled throughout my week, it looks like a lot more than I would have gotten done in a single day.

Made this for Scrunch's bathroom. But she doesn't have a bathroom. But someday she might have a bathroom and you have to be prepared for these kinds of things.

I have mixed emotions about this. I framed my great grandmother's doily, but I also sliced my foot open with the glass.

Totally terrific tutu for a two year old. That my friends is what we call alliteration. Nothing says alliterate like the word tutu. And matching ballet slippers.

Because clearly my daughter is lacking in head adornments, so we had to make more.

I cast on some socks and this sweater.

And look! I get to check something off my to-do list. Double check that alliteration means what you think it means. Check.

Plans for the rest of the day? Nothing. Just like I like it on a Friday.

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needlenut said...

The doily is wonderful and I am sorry you cut your foot. Grandma would love what you did with it and that it is special. Love you.

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