Friday, May 29, 2009

A post where I talk about which song I want played at my funeral and the house I'd like to buy.

I like routine. It gives me control. And there's no doubt I like to have control. Me. My routine. My kid. My life. Anything and everything that enters within a mile of my personal space.

In the morning we get up, I plop the kid in her highchair, turn on the music, and write blog posts in my head while I clean the kitchen and do the dishes.

Last week I purposely disrupted my routine and took a much needed trip South to get away for minute. Then we got back and I haven't done the dishes in a few days, hence no blog posts. No wonderful grandiose adventures here- just haven't done the dishes. Oy, that's sad. What's the point? If I wait long enough I'll just need to start packing anyway. How soon is too soon to move into the 'paper plate and Subway everyday of the week' phase of moving?

But back to my routine.

It usually includes music in the morning. I can usually tell my current mental health state by the Pandora station I'm listening to. I like a little Enya in the morning with my breakfast. A cup of tea and Enya EVERY morning would be perfect. I know. How about a little Enya, a cup of tea on MY BACK PORCH every morning? And maybe a hammock or a swing. I like a little Queen or Abba or while I clean. Frankie in the evenings while making dinner. And just about everything else in between.

For a week now I've noticed that my "Pink" station has been playing A LOT. My favorite song? "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks. I l. o. v. e. this song. If I had a theme song, this would be it. I would like it played at my funeral. Yes, for my funeral I would like you all to have a nice steak and listen to this song. Angry chick music I believe it's called. I'm not an angry chick, just a little on edge these days. Some chicks make a living being "edgy".

By this afternoon I hope to have moved on to my Bubblegum Oldies. It's for happy music. The kind of music you play when you're not in limbo anymore and you have written acceptance on the offer you've placed on a second house. The house that your husband says if you move in, you're never going to leave. No pressure. Just a ten year plan for a couple who has never had a two year plan, much less a "let's move here and never leave" plan.

I'm not the only one on edge around here. I'd like to take a look at his play list.

Blogging buds, meet house #2.

On a cul de sac
The additional square footage as compared to the other home is in my closet and the laundry room.

We can't move in tomorrow.

If you come back later and I've posted a little Elvis "happy music" then we're good. If not, you'll know we're singing the Blues.


cambridgeclan said...

OK, I'm not so envious anymore. Sorry about the house. Is this the short sale? It is still a really nice looking home. After being in this home looking, but not so succesful in home buying I understand why realtors get such a good cut.

Lisa said...

I like it better than house #1- flatter driveway, wider front, cute pop-out windows... looks more custom and homey.

I think you started a trend- there has been quite the buzz of young couples getting into the housing market. I hope our turn comes soon. ; )

Wilkins Clan said...

What happened to the first house?

The Wife said...

The Chesapeake Hanging Lounger is amazing and if I had an extra $999 dollars lying around I would by lying on that.

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