Monday, May 11, 2009

Save it.

I talk to myself as I grocery shop. Come to think of it, I talk to myself while I do most things. Now that I have Scrunch to tag along, I don't look as crazy. That's nice.

So I'm standing in the isle of the grocery store and reach for some crackers. "Ooooh, there they are. These are the ones we've been looking for," I tell Scrunch.

"Oh, but those have sooooooo many calories." I hear from the lady standing next to me scouring the back of a different cracker package.

'Scuse me?

I pulled a case of selective hearing and walked away.

What is with people suddenly feeling the need to make commentary on every minor decision or status update a person makes? Even to the point of being rude to complete strangers. Does this have anything to do with blogging or Facebook? It wasn't an anonymous comment on a blog, it was in person. Or was she just crazier than I am and forgot the filter on her mouth this morning?

Comment away.


Marti said...

You should have said, "I can afford the calories, sorry that you can't"
OK, I wouldn't have said that to her, at least not out loud.
Hope you bought them!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she kinda pissed you off, but that is funny. People never cease to amaze me with their stupidity, rudeness, cattiness or all three.

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