Sunday, May 3, 2009

C's Get Degrees

Parenting 101 Syllabus
Take pictures. Lots of pictures. And document all firsts.

The first one we've done okay at. The second... not so great.The day she said her first word? The day she first crawled? Um....

But I wouldn't say we've failed completely. Not yet. I'd give us a B-. That's good because C's get degrees.

We have documented some other really great firsts.

The ride home from her first birthday party. And her first grass stain.

Her first cold.

First time wearing the first sweater I ever knit.

The first time she said "Cheese" to the camera.

Not bad. I passed Driver's Ed with a C-, so I'll take a B- in parenting any day. That's got to be harder than parallel parking. It rivals it at least.


Marti said...

Tell your daughter to stop getting so tall! She'll be taller than me by time I get to meet her. The sweater is adorable. I can't believe all the project you get done and how well done they are. You are amazing!!

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

In all fairness...I knit the sweater LONG before there was a Scrunch. And your girls are taller than I am I bet. Are you guys planning on going to the OU vs. BYU game?

Marti said...

We want to go to the game. If we can get tickets we will fly Matthew in for that weekend. I replied to the FB message. In all fairness.... you still have done alot of cute outfits and projects since you've had Scrunch.

About me! said...

I'm impressed that this was her first cold!

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