Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tell it to me plain.

"Great view" means it has a big window.
"Newer flooring" only means it isn't threadbare (barely).
Use 'Gorgeous' as a description and it will get you an additional ten thousand dollars.
'Fantastic' will get you fifteen.
"A real gem." That's like saying "a diamond in the rough" As in, you wouldn't know it if you saw it.
"Great First Time Buyer" Translation? It's the only crap-hole you can afford.
"Elegant" on the other hand is out of your league.
"Updated" Within the last century.
"Custom" Be wary of custom. It could go both ways. Mostly it means really weird floor plan.

And on and on- making house hunting a very tedious process. But an exciting process none the less. Finally, a place I can paint without asking permission. We are on the brink of home ownership. Which if someone tells it to you plain means your mortgage owns you and you're about to be in more debt than you've ever been in your life.


Casey said...

So scary, and exciting, and well worth the agrevation! Good luck on the hunt!

Marti said...

You forgot "Cute and Charming" it means it's really really small. Good luck with the house hunt! I gave you a suggestion of who to move by on your FB. hehe

cambridgeclan said...

Let me add to the crap hole first time home buyer. "great for investors" My interpritation is that you wouldn't want to live in it, but you could paint it put in new flooring and rent it to, or sell it to, someone who doesn't know better.

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