Friday, May 29, 2009

Low Down on the House

Did I just really use the phrase "low down"?

Technically we're still in escrow on the first house. We had some concerns about it (as in my husband was not thrilled with it). Our Realtor (bless her soul) has a good relationship with the listing agent and found out last Friday that this (the second house) had fallen out of escrow and was going to be put back on the market this week. Same owners, same listing agent, same everything- except the address. This made it easy to switch everything over. We put our offer in and the offer has been accepted. We are hoping to keep the original close date which will be the end of June.

And that is the short version.

Nothing is set in stone until we hold the keys. And even then, the only thing you can count on is death and taxes.

Thankfully we love, LOVE our Realtor. If this all works out like we hope it will, any daughter that should come our way will be named Jane.


Casey said...

Cool! Good luck! Jane is a super cute name, good plan! It's nice to have a realator that you like and trust. Hope it goes smoothly & QUICKLY!

cambridgeclan said...

I like the name Jane. Catherine gets called Jane very often and we think it's pretty cute. Good luck with the house.

The Gobbles said...

That's exciting you two are buying a house! Jas and I know you're frustration since we're actually in the kind of the same boat. Keep in touch!

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