Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Endangered Species

One (haha. Like there's only one) of the downsides to apartment living is the parking situation, or lack thereof. In order to avoid the situation completely we park on the street. Most days it's fine and even more convenient, but some days it is great.

Yesterday morning I walked out to the car, loaded my bag, and headed off not noticing a thing. About halfway down the block I noticed a piece of garbage stuck to the top corner of the windshield and got out to investigate.

Oh, you've got to be kidding! Some pre-pubescent little puke (maybe even the one from last week) had the nerve to stick their garbage on my car. While I'm sure he got a good laugh with his buddies about the offense he was about to impose on the vehicle's owner, I hope he is disappointed to find out that he made my entire week.

It was like realizing the childhood dream of photographing snow leapards for National Geographic. Or the thrill of paleontology. If that can be considered a thrill. See, all this time I thought teenagers who even used, much less purchased condoms (or at least their empty boxes) were extinct. I guess they're only an endangered species.

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