Friday, August 22, 2008

The end of a friendship.

Computers are a lot like that catty fair weather friend from elementary or Jr. High. The one who you know will any day betray you but you tell all your secrets to anyway. The one you rely on so much that you're sure the world would end of things fell apart between the two of you.

I hope I wasn't that girl because I hate to think that my bad karma had anything to do with my work laptop harddrive crashing. And just like back then when my mom would stop on her way home when the bottom had dropped out from under my world to buy me a treat, I also stopped today to pick up a Snickers bar. Except this time chocolate covered macaroons, Hot Pockets, and licorice nibs landed in my cart too. That's how close we were.


She's a brat now and I hate her. And she's not invited to my birthday party.

Till next week when she starts feeling better and decides to be my best friend again.


Anonymous said...

I think our friends must be sisters because my computer is a brat too. I dont know what i do wrong but my computer, i mean friend, stabs me in the back on a daily basis.

Casey said...

This made me laugh! And another thing...I know i might be at risk sounding like a scary stalker or something...but here it goes anyway! It seems that every time I read your blog I find something in common with you! It's like I don't KNOW you but I totally KNOW you! If I were to buy treats (which I'm currently trying to avoid), I would go for the nibs and macaroons FIRST! I'd probably pass on the hot pockets...but only because I'm not sure I've ever eaten one. And you commented once about passing me in a store and not knowing it? We just missed each other at Bryce canyon by a couple of weeks. Spooky!

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