Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have I missed something?

I have consumed more than my daily dose of vitamin C daily.

I have downed so many fluids my pee is clear.

I have drank (or drunk. Whatever.) orange juice like it is going out of style. (I just wanted to say that. I'm lame. So sue me.)

I have gargled with honey and vinegar and have wanted to puke.

I have eaten so much Chicken Noodle soup I should get stock in Campbells. That is after I discovered you have to add water. I was wondering why my soup was so much more concentrated than when John made it for me. I'm an idjit, I know. But to be fair we don't use a lot of canned soups around here, so how was I supposed to know? You don't read the directions on a can of soup.

I have used enough Kleenex to single-handedly be guilty for destroying part of a small forest somewhere. And there's nothing I can do about it since the thought of recycling used tissue is nasty.

And I am so over having a cold. I'm not going to blow my nose today. So I may suffocate or my sinuses explode, but I'm not doing it. Done. With. Being. Sick. That is unless there is some other 'wives tale' or home remedy that I've missed.

Oh, and garlic. I forgot the garlic. I love lots and lots of garlic. Cold or not.

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mousemovie said...

Maybe there is a reason I make the "Lamest" joke about needing a cookbook to boil water... Hummm...

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