Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog and You Shall Receive

Two thoughts today. That's all I've had. Three if you count "My blankety blankety-blank foot is killing me."

Thought #1

You may not be commenting, but I know you're out there reading because when I got to my Mom's yesterday afternoon my grandma had a stack of books on the counter waiting. All but one say New York Times Best Seller on the front cover. My dad even pitched in handing me two if his books. Blog and you shall receive.

Thought #2

I know some people don't like traveling with small children and I probably wouldn't either, except Little Miss is an EXTREMELY easy going child. The first time we made the drive to Utah she was only three weeks old. She had her first plane ride at four months. We're slowly ramping up for the possibility of a thirteen hour flight to the other side of the world. Jerusalem came up again at work for Handsome Husband. I would really like to go and Husband has already looked int Rosetta Stone in Hebrew. Blog and you shall receive? Hopefully.

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Casey said...

If I chose to never travel with small children, I'd STILL be waiting to take a vacation! My theory is the earlier you throw them in the car (I mean carefully buckle them into the age appropriate, meets all safety standards, facing the correct direction carseat)...the better they do! And you have to be FLEXIBLE! We make the trip from UT to CA 1-2 times a year, and it can take 9.5 hours, or 14 hours! I've learned to relax, stop when the kids need to stop, and not get hung up on how quickly we can get there! Last summer was the 1st time with 5 kids in a packed van (including stuff on top)...we drove from UT county east to SF bay area...then down the coast to Orange County, then back to UT again! Now that's some SERIOUS miles!
Sorry for such a LONG comment! Hope you enjoy the trip!

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