Sunday, August 17, 2008

Expounding on theories.

I have what I call my "theories" which are really just my opinions on subjects, or maybe even my justifications on why I do things the way I do, but anyway... I've got one on most things. And if there's a subject on which I haven't formed one yet- give me a few hours and the Internet and I will get back to you.

This is my prevailing theory on parenting...There is a lot of crap out there and a lot of people willing to share their crap opinions on the subject. You will get a different opinion from everyone you ask. I think you should just pick a person whose kids you like how they turned out and ask them what they did. That's why I ask my mom. Ha!

Theory on's more about your level of commitment and choosing correctly in the first place than about your age, how much schooling you have or have not finished, or how much money you have or won't have. Just make sure you like the person, they like you, and you make the rest up as you go along.

Newly developed theory on infertility and why it sucks...There's an unspoken expectation inside every woman that her female parts work. And even if she doesn't see herself as a mother, or have plans of becoming one there's the belief that she could if she wanted to. It's not always about where the baby comes from or even building a family. Sometimes it's just the disappointment of not being able to do something you think or thought you should be able to do.

Random theory...It's the little things in life that count. If I had cooked rice, veges, and shrimp- it's not so impressive. But shove it all on a stick place it on a skewer and it turns into a fairly impressive dinner. My cooking almost looks edible.

I've got lots of them. Mostly crap I make up as I go along, but it gives me something to blog about.


Haley said...

Yes I am the visitor from Hobbs. I am on google reader a lot! We don't have a TV either :) Hope you don't mind me reading.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Of course not. You're always welcome.

Casey said...

I like your theory about dinner...I'm going to try that out on the kids with their after-school-snacks! Yes, they're in SCHOOL all day starting today!

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