Friday, August 29, 2008

Little quirks and a book.

I'm a shower girl. I have a thing about bathtubs. And hot tubs too actually. There is just something about marinating in your own juices that gives me the heebie jeebies. But even I can appreciate a long tub with a good book. So during Little Miss' nap yesterday I decided to take a bath . Yeah, at two thirty in the afternoon. So?

I'm reading The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wall. So far, so good. So good I stayed in the tub till I was all prune-y. I should have put it on the original summer reading list. I ditched the list after the third strike. Tried to listen to Pillars of the Earth- not really my thing. Read two chapters of The Host- and lets just say Stephanie Meyers is not my favorite author, but I'm not a quitter so I'm trying. Queen Bees and Wanna-bes was great. How can you not love a book that names 'Hard Ass' a parenting style? Still haven't touched Water for Elephants or Secret Life of Bees, but I'll get there- just not before September 1.

I guess that makes me a liar too (or least a major procrastinator), huh Miqui? Can you believe my sister called me a liar? She said I promised pictures of Little Miss and didn't come through. In my defense I didn't say when I'd post pictures. I just said I will. Excuse me for not taking pictures of her grocery shopping at Costco and waiting to get the oil changed. Not every minute of our waking hour is necessarily picture worthy- contrary to Grami's belief. Well, if you want pictures come and get them. It doesn't matter anyway because I've got something better than pictures. Little Miss. Live. In the flesh. Coming to a Grami's near you. Today! See you in a few hours.


[AlisaR] said...

Love your book list. Keep 'em coming, along with thoughts when you finish. I'm currently reading Pillars and Breaking Dawn. Not that in to either one, however, Pillars is really well written - frighteningly well written - there's just something about a religious book written by an atheist that rubs me the wrong way - kind of like he's stringing me along and making fun of me the whole time. Can't wait to hear your feelings on it.

Holly said...

have fun on your hike & good luck leaving little miss.

Casey said...

"marinating in your own juices" there's a phrase I won't soon forget! I'm going to have to work that into a conversation in the next 24 hours, just to try it out! he he he!

For the record I have not read a single Stephanie Myers book...I KNOW! And I live in the great state of Utah for cryin' out loud!

I have read Secret Life of Bees and Water for I guess I'm not a total lost cause!

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