Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quite possibly the longest post ever because its about my most favorite subject ever.

Little Miss, my Chicka-dee, Baby-Cakes, Baby-Girl, Princess is seven months old today. Baaaaaah!

You've been laughing at me all week. All I get it is "poor baby" Just Wait. It gets worse! You people have no hearts.

The thought of kindergarten?...Well, we just don't think about it. Who knows? By then public education will be seriously jacked up and we wont send her. (My sister the teacher is dying right now.) By the way, home school doesn't make kids weird. If you know kids that are home schooled and they're weird it is probably coincidence. They would've been weird no matter what. Weird parents? Just sayin'. It's not what the research shows. Totally viable option for some kids. Not all, but an option.

OK. Coming back from my tangent to make a point.

My Little Miss is seven months old and I wanted to share some of my favorite things about this kid. She is my favorite kid after all. Followed closely by Milo and Thor. That is if the little bugger would show up. Does he not know that being late is very unbecoming? and a totally "Mormon" thing to do? Seriously Holly. Get a handle on your kid, would you? Acting up already. tsk. tsk. tsk. Just kidding. I'm not helping the situation any, am I? You're about ready to climb walls I'm sure. Just remember you have friends (not me) with prescriptive authority if you start needing a little something to take the edge off. Or we could go to lunch every day this week. Your choice. :)

Focus Yannet. Focus.

Holy Crap. I spelled my own name wrong. My biggest pet peeve EVER! I'm not even going to go back and correct it so you guys can use it against me when I get annoyed about it. I must really be schizo-brained this morning.

What I was saying...

Little Miss is seven months, and she is doing the usual stuff seven month olds do. Sit up, roll over, smile. Yes she has teeth-four of them. She doesn't crawl yet, but she thinks she wants to. In fact, it's kind of starting to tick her off that she can't. But that stuff is kind of boring.

I want to share the stuff that makes this kid special and makes her my favorite. Which if you're on the list of my favorites you know is hard to do. I'm not easily impressed.

She screeches like a hoot owl when Mommy gets home from work. (It makes me almost cry when she is so happy to see me.)

She is definitely a dog person. She growls when you take her toys away or if she wants something you've got. Lovely. Wonder where she learned that from? Two guesses and the second one doesn't count. Ani.

One of her favorite songs is Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. I don't know if it's because Mommy spends so much time blog surfing and it's on just about every one's play list or if it's because when she was born Ang said that's who she would look like when she grew up. Over my dead body. It's not nice to curse a mommy with a beautiful daughter like that. I would never sleep and every male within a ten mile radius would have to be interrogated by me. And I've watched more James Bond this week than some people do their whole lives, so I know a thing or two about interrogation.

This is just in case any of you would like to look like Leona Lewis. I didn't even watch the whole thing. I just like how she says "mascara".

Back to my Miss. She is a tall drink of water. And a good thing we cloth diaper or her pants would slide right down.

She loves, loves, loves to dance. One of her other favorite songs is Low by Flo Rida. Hey, if you don't like it I had no control at what she listened to in utero. Spell check wants me to change utero to uteri. Can that be right?

She is SUPER ticklish. I hate to be tickled. As in, don't do it or you'll really piss me off. So this is for Husband. She laughs and laughs and laughs. And then she tries to tickle you by scrunching up her face and making a snorting sound which is what we do. Our favorite face ever!

She also likes to make messes. Ooh look! A picture. Of her first mess. I left the room for a while (probably to vacuum) and she figured out how to pull the wipes out.

"Hey wait a minute!" you're thinking. You can hardly see her! What a crappy picture! Well, that's because my sister said that the only reason she reads my blog is to look at pictures of Little Miss. Also, the only reason she's glad I'm coming down this weekend. Brat! Can't really say I blame her though. This kid is my favorite.

And I'm really not THAT scatterbrained. I just wanted to see how many of you actually do hang on my every word. This is just a draft. Grammy is going to be disappointed (and call me) when she sees this without pictures, but they're coming. Promise.


Holly said...

thats right milo and thor run a close second. this kid is already trying my patience...i'm thinking he won't be my biggest fan when he's a teenager...oh well. apparently, dr. thinks she got the due date wrong, so now its sept.2! what the hell? if she doesn't have him by then, she'll induce. But when? a week later? just my bloody luck!! So, yes, I'll take you up on the lunch offer or SOMETHING for crying out loud!

featherhead said...

Not only can you not spell your name, but you can't spell Grami either! Post more pictures!

cambridgeclan said...

Kindergarten isn't so bad. Bryson and I both love it. Congratulations on making it happilly this far.

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