Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trouble following directions.

Anyone else having trouble following multi-step directions?

It reads:

Machine wash cold
- How about whatever setting it gets left on?
Gentle cycle- Ditto to above
Wash and dry with like colors- Like colors as in they're all in the rainbow?
Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed- Whatever. Give me options and I opt out.
Tumble dry low- There are two settings on my dryer. On and off. And if I remember to turn it on so I don't find the mildewy smelling load in the morning, that's good.
Cool iron- Ha! Okay, sure. That's gonna happen.YOU iron my nasty green sweatshirt. That is if you can find the iron.

A little more spendy but much easier to follow:

Dry Clean Only- But only if you're going to remember to drop it off and then pick it up again.

No matter how you look at it, there is no simple solution to laundry. I still vote for my label.

Burn after wearing. Buy all new clothes.


martib said...

I vote for your label, especially after girls camp, there were 3 sets of clothes, bedding(which we didn't use since it was sooo hot!!!) and towels. Oh yea, I had to do the 3 people that stayed home. Laundry sucks!

Casey said...

he he he! I like your idea too! Can't say my hubby will be on board with it...

featherhead said...

You really are your mother's daughter, aren't you??!!

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