Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Whole Lotta Random

You're going to get a whole lot of random miscellany the next few days while I'm on vacation. Sorry, but I can't think straight on little sleep and fast food.

  • I actually found a book I liked. We listened to it on the crappy drive from LA to Vegas. I hate that drive. Uuuuuuugggggly! I'm not sure why I enjoyed the book so much. It definitely was not literary genius, but it was funny. Was it the off color British humor? The fact that it was read in a British accent? I am a sucker for an accent. Or was it my Husband doing his best to imitate the narrator in his best British accent by exclaiming "That COW!" all day long. Every driver, every irritation, just about everyone was "That COW!" all day long. Cracked me up.
  • I luuuuv the shower in a hotel. Endless hot water and perfect water pressure. Definition of relaxation.
  • I have a problem. My face and my thoughts are connected. It helps to keep me honest, but there are times where I would rather not have exactly what I'm thinking plastered on my face. I'm trying hard to control it, but its not the easiest thing. You never have to ask how I'm feeling. It is written on my face.
  • Have I mentioned that my husband is a Saint. He is going to go straight to heaven and then prop the back door open to sneak me in. He just sits patiently and listens to me rant when it gets too late to call a friend.
  • I hope to get some sun today while standing in the heat of Saint George waiting at the temple for a bride to come out. Sounds like fun, eh?

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Holly said...

i love the random thoughts. my face gives me away every time too...maybe its due to the fact that we are both leos. BTW, can't wait for you to get back...I have lots more picking of your brain that I need to do. I will be starting a list of questions for me to ask you soon...just so I'll remember what I needed to ask. You know how much of an airhead I am:)

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