Friday, August 15, 2008

Ya know what's weird?

I think that eternity is a lot like the Internet. It's vast and infinite and you go there to learn. And I totally don't get how it all works- just glad it does. Oh, except I believe there's food in heaven. Some don't and I think "then why would you want to go there?"

Yoga is really weird to watch. If you have a moral aversion to picturing people naked when you're nervous, then picture them doing yoga. Works way better huh?

On-line parenting forums are weird. The fact that I read them is even weirder. Topics range from what's best to put on their butts to when they should start crawling. You could spend days researching the best/most effective/cutest printed/most expensive diaper covers. And on the crawling thing- rolling is much faster. But if you're insistent that your kid crawl, just get an Ani. What is more motivation than getting to pull Ani's ears? Or getting away so she can't lick your face anymore?

And I don't know if this is weird or just my way of incorporating Little Miss into the conversation so I can post cute pictures, but I'd rather have a cook than a maid any day. Volunteers? The pay sucks but you get to hang out with Her all day.

Oh yeah, and I'm probably a little weird too.

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