Friday, August 8, 2008

Trip Pics

Down to LA, across to St. George, Up to Panguitch, back to Las Vegas, back to LA, and then home. We realized we are spoiled. There are actually trees where we live, unlike most of the drive, which left us nothing to count. We resorted to singing Raffi over and over and over. That was fun for about five minutes. Luckily Jedi caught on to peek-a-boo over the back seat with Little Miss to keep her entertained. That was funny.

I was kind of lame in the picture taking this trip because I always seemed to have left the camera in the car, the hotel- just about everywhere we weren't.

The only picture of the wedding we got was of Little Miss with Grandpa Webb.

Bryce Canyon

I did the hike with Little Miss carried in front. She was so enthraled with the great outdoors she promptly fell asleep. Great training for our backpacking trip in September.

If you were at our wedding you get it. If not, it's a long story but basically there was a tractor at our wedding and we got pictures on it. OK, so I guess the story isn't that long.

Now we are home and I slept most of the drive and then slept in this morning. What is it about riding the car that is so exhausting?


Crazy Me... said...

Cute pics. Of course everytime I see little miss with that hat on and her somewhat less than thrilled expression she reminds me of a kid from the movie "Newsies"...

The Motherboard said...

I went to Pangauitch this summer. Its a one horse town! We did the whole quilt walk and everything! My mom actually grew up there. It was fun to take my kids and show them her old house and her highschool and the "stop lights".

Oh. And I got an AWESOME $85 ticket too!

cambridgeclan said...

It is great to see you using the wrap. I still use my occasionaly and I love it. It looks like you had a great time. I love the tractor picture. Little miss is a great addition to the picture.

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