Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another quirk.

I have a very limited sense of smell. Can't hardly smell a thing. Weird huh? It makes me a little paranoid though because I do cloth diaper and have two dogs and a cat in a relatively small apartment. Because of that, I have the need for my home to smell like orange peel or Pine sol continuously. The orange peel gets ground in the disposal. I put lavender on the front door and if you find a glass or bowl somewhere filled with clear liquid but you know it's not yours, don't drink it. It's probably white vinegar.

This little quirk does come in handy though when you do what I do. If I can smell your wound, it is infected. Gross, but true. This afternoon I smelled the wound coming into the patients room and I almost tossed my cookies. All those cookies from yesterday's breakfast. I'm still recovering so you're still hearing about it. The sick feeling has lasted too long to have really been the cookies. I'm bummed about the possibility of a stomach bug, but relieved it's not the cookies. Have I mentioned I really, really like these cookies?

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