Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Campaign Theme Song

Politics doesn't get discussed much on the blog around here because well... I can't usually do it without rocketing my blood pressure and getting all worked up. Not to mention why I do the things I do and believe the things I believe can rock the boat. (Note to self: Don't talk politics at Park Days. They may not let their kids play with your kids.) Plus, there's about a bazillion bloggers who do it for a living. You do not need me to tell you how/what/why to think or to give you an opinion. There are plenty of people who get paid to do that for you.

And then there's talk radio. Ahhh, talk radio. My connection to the outside world. I am a talk radio junkie. My political leanings are not drawn down one line or the other. I'm more of squiggle all over the map. I think I may be one of the few people who listens to BOTH Rush and NPR. If you're curious just ask. I'm not shy. I will tell you how to what I think.

What I will tell you is that I wish someone would pick this up as their campaign theme song. I thought of it while blasting in the car again. It would be so nice to have someone, especially in politics, who would claim this as their mantra. So if I ever decide to run for public office (not likely) guess who is going on tour with me?

I still haven't decided who I want to play me on SNL.

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