Monday, October 13, 2008


I am the reigning queen of bargain shopping and unique finds- just in case you were wondering. I started at a young age- paying only twelve dollars for my Ninth Grade Dance dress. The one and only formal dance I have ever been to. No Homecoming. No Prom. No Girls Choice. And I turned okay. I think. Anyway...not the point.

Point is- look at the stuff I scored this week!!!! Not to brag (OK totally to brag), but how cool is some of this stuff.

Score #1. My sister is getting married and our dresses are oh soo hot pretty. But what was Little Miss going to wear? Eighty-four dollars was more than I wanted to cough up on a dress she will smear wedding cake on. I walked into Costco, on the phone with my mom and had to hang up. "I'll call you back. I think I just found the dress." This beauty- $18 bucks. Sweet.

Score #2. I actually did my visiting teaching and found out one of the chicks I visit has a bow making business. She found out I knit, so we're swapping. I came home with 42 hair bows in every possible color! Yes, I counted. Awesome.

Score #3. I had to go to DI (Deseret Industries). No, I really didn't have any choice in the matter, but I'm so happy with my DI finds that I will spare you the rant. I am a little wary of used items for children's items. It kind of creeps me out to think of all the possibly MRSA infected people who may have touched it. But I figure if it still has the tags on it's no different than the department store, right? And does anyone have anything against Macy's? No. So there's no difference.

Brand new books. Brand, brand new. Every parent should have this book. It is an entire book of alternate lyrics to commonly known songs. My favorite is 'Go, Go, Go to Bed' sung to the tune of 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'.

A perfect condition, hardback, complete with pretty purple binding, copy of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' to start a new family tradition.

I've been wanting to make a flannel board for Little Miss for her birthday and I found a book of patterns. It's for foam but the patterns will totally work for felt.

And last but not least these cute clothes. Brand new! The pants, the skirt and shirt, and a cute denim skirt. I was so excited when I got home I dug out matching flowers from her new and improved collection of hair accessorizes and matched them up. Hello animal print!

Beat that!?!?!

Oh, and just because I've noticed I get more comments when there are pics of Little Miss around- I took these at the park last week.

She's not totally sure of the swings. She's thinking about it and will get back to you.


northslopegang said...

Holy Smolly, you did find some great deals!! I know Syracuse is not some far out exotic place but at least I left a comment.

Anonymous said...

I love her dress for Jessi's wedding. She is going to be so cute in it. Cant wait to see you!!!

funfelt said...

Wow what cool stuff! Here is a place you can get felt board stuff: There's also a blog that has instructions on making a felt board yourself!! Have fun!

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