Friday, October 17, 2008

Random stuff about Fall on Friday.

"Is it grape or Aubergine?" I'll give you a dollar if you can name the movie.

Who cares. It's purple and it's my favorite color, and it is so in this Fall. I will have exercise a significant amount of restraint to not order all my clothes in this shade for the next four months.

And I've finally cast on this sweater with this yarn. Ooh, la la. The pressure is on to finish it for Christmas pictures. Yeah, a purple Christmas. What's it to ya?

And these are on my front porch. Directions are here.

Because unlike you Utahn's, we are having awesome Fall weather. Crisp in the morning, crisp in the evening and seventy four in between. Do you guys really need another reason to move to California?


Melissa and Michael said...

hahaha easy Steal Magnolis!!!

needlenut said...

Love the sweater and the color. My favorite color too.

Holly said...

was the movie steel magnolias?

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

You guys are good. I owe you both. Holly, you'll get yours in Coke from Del Taco. Let's go to lunch.

Casey said...

You just HAVE to RUB it in! Don't you?! And for the record, we had 75 today! (of course it will be back in the 50's this next week...)

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