Thursday, October 30, 2008

I need my beauty sleep.

This is the second time this week I've had something to say about my nocturnal activities. (That sounds naughty huh?) But it's because I don't like things that mess with a good night's sleep. Weird dreams, waking babies. God knew this about me so that's why he sent me Scrunch. Hate to brag, but the kid has been sleeping through the night since she was three weeks old.


I lie.

I love to brag about that.

So when things mess with my peaceful slumber, it tops the list of things to blog about.

Last night I fell asleep with both arms up over my head. (Not the first time I have done this and weird, I know.) I must have slept like that most of the night because I knew what happened the second I woke up. It's not so much of problem except that I'd like to use my arms again at some point today and it's taken them a VERY long time (and kind of painful in a weird, tingly, ants crawling up your arms way) to wake up. At least part of me had a good night's sleep.

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