Monday, October 6, 2008

Morning Sickness

Oh, what a beautiful morning. It's a great day for morning sickness.

I'm sick.
It's the morning.
Therefore, morning sickness.

This is me.

Minus the blonde hair. Minus the ultra white robe. Mine is dingy grayish if I could find it. Not because it's dirty but because I probably washed it with a new pair of jeans. And minus the bun in the oven. But still. It's pretty close to me.

What did you think I was saying?
Oh.....sorry. Hate to disappoint.


What a brat I am. I did it on purpose. I wrote the title of today's post knowing it would bring you here in order to investigate when you saw it on the blogs you're following. I crack myself up.

But I really am not feeling well. When I called work this morning and talked to my boss (who used to not be my boss, is my mentor and good friend) we had the following conversation.

I'm so nauseous I can't stay upright.

Miss Nancy (cuz that's what I call my new boss)- "You're not pregnant are you?"

It's not likely that I would stay that way. Even if I was.

Miss Nancy- I know. I'm sorry. I hope you stay sick.

It's twisted. On one hand you're so sick of being sick you want to die rather than look at the inside of the toilet again. But on the other you hope and pray it doesn't go away.

Miss Nancy- I hope you stay sick.

Me- Thanks. I think.

It's okay. You really do get used to looking at a negative test. I never thought I really was. I just think it's funny that you did. At least you did when you started reading this. I'm not. Maybe I'm twisted because I think that's so freakin' funny. Come on? Relax. It was funny. Lighten up. Some of you think it was funny. Just picture all my friends and family not being able to connect fast enough to find out if it was true. How long and how far could we get this rumor spread? That's a twisted and funny thought.

No. What's twisted is that if I smoked crack and my husband knocked me around a bit it would be morning sickness for sure, and not a just a mild case of the stomach flu.


Holly said...

Well, it doesn't look like you'll be over anytime soon. That blows that you're sick. Hopefully, little miss doesn't get the nasty bug too. Didn't you know that mommies aren't allowed to get sick? Did you not get that memo? Slacker!! FYI...I think you're funny too.

Melissa and Michael said...

It was kinda funny you got me too! I would probably think it was funnier but morning sickness sucks!!! but my mom told me to eat crackers before I get out of bed and that will help so I did and now it's better. But honestly it was NAAAASSSSTY!!!! Hope you get feeling better though. It was great seeing you at our wedding.

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