Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Does she crawl?

Yeah. And then some.

My friends call me Scrunch.


Marti said...

I've never seen her in person, but she looks like she is tall. What a cutie! And you know she will be into everything now that she is standing, but enjoy it because they grow up wat too fast!!!

northslopegang said...

Have you got your roller blades ready? You'll need them to keep up with Little Miss!!

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big. I cant believe she is standing already.The real fun is about to begin when she starts walking... There will truly be no safety for soft floppy eared puppies. Poor Ani and Jedi, they never really knew what to expect.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

She's super tall. She's wearing 18mos clothes. It's a good thing we cloth diaper, it keeps her pants from sliding off.

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