Friday, October 24, 2008

In a hurry.

Yesterday about two o'clock I realized it was Thursday. That makes today Friday so I have approximately eight and half hours to have transformed our family from plain old us to the Flintstones. Halloween this year is going to rock. Bedrock! Ha ha. I'm so punny. It's from being tired- from cutting out teeth and googly eyes to transform our car into a monster at 11:30 last night. Even our car is getting in on the Halloween action this year. It better work. And there better really be a 150 kids at Trunk or Treat like they said because I have six pounds (Well 5.8 lbs., I found out there's Skittles in the mix) of artificial coloring and high fructose corn syrup and every kind of sugar you can imagine that is not coming back into my house tonight. I could rant about how Halloween is all about commericialism and a mother's worst nightmare, but I love Halloween! Forget eco-concious, avoiding consumerism and organic eating. If we get to dress up, I'm in!

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needlenut said...

Pictures please when you are dressed up, oh and also the car.

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