Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I made that word up. And the definition is-

Proscrati-knit- verb; finding random knitting projects to do when you already are booked from now till Christmas just so you have to stay up late Christmas Eve to finish that last Christmas present because instead of working on what you've promised you'd do, you're knitting random things for friends, Little Miss, and even a grocery bag. Why a grocery bag? Everybody's doing it. And I ask myself "if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too?"

See why I went with Procrasti-knit?

I've been commissioned to knit two Holiday dresses for someone in my ward. And the deal is good. Really good. Details later. But this is what I'd like to do. Part of me hopes she picks a different one because I want to do this for Little Miss, and I don't think I have it in me to knit the same thing three times. Unless we went with three different colors. And patterned tights like these? No wonder I get distracted. It's a rabbit hole. Don't fall in.

Are you rolling your eyes at yet another knitting post? Get used to it, baby. I'm hooked. But for the record when you knit they are not hooks. They are needles. Hooks for crochet. Needles for knitting. Clear?

When I read a review of some fiber on Ravelry and saw, "this yarn is making love to my fingers" I was like, "Whoa Nellie!" This is proof for my husband (and anyone else who thinks I have a problem) that there are those that have way more of a problem than I do.

***Update*** I was on Ravelry again today and read another review "it's like drugs for your fingers." Who are these people?


northslopegang said...

I love the tights they will look great with the dress.

Miquela said...

I dont know how it is done but that dress is adorable and I think you should make one for kensley.

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