Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dumpster Diving

When I was in elementary I remember one move where we were collecting boxes from the dumpsters behind stores. We called it dumpster diving and when I was six, it was cool. I remember running down the street yelling, "Yay! We're going dumpster diving!!!" I was quickly shushed so the neighbors wouldn't hear. There may have once been a social stigma attached to flea market finds and "found" decorating, but today it is totally in. Go figure.

I found this sitting by the dumpster this weekend. It's a perfectly sized doll house. Holy Crap was I excited! I almost wanted to come home early from our Halloween party to start working on it. Only the candy corn colored cheese cake kept me there. Can't you just see little embroidered wall hangings, mini yo-yo quilts, and the little furniture. My dream house. From the dumpster. Go figure.

My fixer-upper.
Check out the cute cellophane printed windows.

If you stare at cheesecake long enough you can almost taste it.

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northslopegang said...

Confession. We've done the dumpster dive too!! Wild crazy fun and free!!

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