Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting personal.

Dear Mother Nature,

I would never ask this of anyone if I didn't consider them a VERY close friend. I consider anyone who has seen me naked a friend. I'm sure you have lots of friends, so allow me to jog your memory. Skinny dipping up at Fish bowls the summer of '03. Ring a bell?

Now that our friendship is renewed, I'd like to ask. Are you on Clomid too? I mean the torrential downpour, sunshine, freezing temperatures all within an hour's time???? It pretty much gave it away. I need to believe that your are hormonally deranged and not normally a crazy wench. Please understand. I NEED!!! to believe this.

Five days. You can do five days. If I'm out of line you can strike my car with lightening should the mood possess you. (That's what I would do.)

Thank you for the insight into what my Husband must be feeling. You're a crazy broad that's for sure! But I love you anyway.

Infertile Myrtle Trying to keep it together in spite of BIZARRE California weather

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Marti said...

What amazing photography!!! The new little baby is just precious. And Scrunch's hair, it's so curly and their a lot of it. So cute. I also like the chubby legs of G. I'm partial to chubby legs.

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