Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some thing's gotta give.

There are times when I get to the end of the day and wonder what I've done for the last fourteen hours that has left me entirely wiped out. Oh yeah. I kept a kid alive. MUCH harder than it sounds considering we learned how to open the front door today.

But besides that- I can either clean or craft, but not both. And if I do attempt both (like say last Saturday) I didn't shower and then proceeded to sleep through Sacrament. We're still blaming it on fast forward day. In fact anything that goes wrong or irritates for the next six weeks will be blamed on Day Light Savings.

For the remainder of this post pretend to care. Or don't. I don't have a counter or Feedjit stalker anymore so I won't even know if you ignore me. For all I know only two people read this.

I would like to fully endorse the HGTV concept of cutting out brown paper the shape of your frames, taping them on the wall, AND THEN hammering the nails. Holy crap! It works. And I have fifteen fewer holes in the wall.

I started the handmades for last week's contest.

***Spoiler alert***

It's a diaper wipes case in case you were wondering.

Oh, dishcloths. Booooooring knits. But fast. Not for the contest. The angle looks funky, but it really is square.

And bunny bean bags for Scrunch's Easter basket. It was from an idea I stole from some other poor blogger who likes to take pictures of random felt things they waste their time with and then take pictures of on the sidewalk.

Follow all that? Whatever. You don't read any of this crap unless you see pictures of Scrunch anyway.


Anonymous said...

That is not true...and this comment proves that. I read because you make me laugh, especially when you are pissed. Remember when wen use to laugh at mom when she would get really mad? Same concept.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, I love the fabric you used for the diaper wipe case

Lisa said...

I have one of those handmade wipe cases, and I love it! Adds a personal touch to something so, well, mundane.

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