Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scheming, Kniving Hussy

And proud of it!

My latest plot involves sleeping with the Easter Bunny so I can find this in my Easter basket. (If you're too lazy to at least acknowledge the effort I've made in creating this link, I will just tell you. It's the most beautiful quilt ever!)

I think my chances are pretty good since the little Leprechaun fairy left him the pot of gold and new toys. Although, I call the helicopter the other woman.

Doesn't he look so pleased with himself? He won't even see it coming.

He can keep his fake gold. I am after all a woman with ulterior motives. I've got Easter coming up with Mother's Day right behind it. Wwuahaha!


featherhead said...

Bribery will get you everywhere....

Wilkins Family said...

I want to see the quilt. It sounds amazing.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

The "this" is a link to it. If it's not working it can be found at Anna Maria Horner's blog. I have a link to her on the right. I love all of her patterns and fabric lines!

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