Friday, March 27, 2009

Media Enhanced Friday Random

For this week's Random on Friday post-

Events That Have Occurred Throughout the Week,
But Were Not Interesting Enough to Warrant Their Own Post.

I embroider innards for my very favorite people.

In response to yesterday's Price is Right reference, my husband's only comment was, "The Price is Wrong. Bitch."

Everyone should have a husband who can quote Happy Gilmore in his sleep.

I hung the pictures of our most recent photo shoot. It made me miss our traitors like crazy.

Rainbow themed lunches are... well, colorful.

Started, finished, and felted Scrunch's Easter bag.

I had one good hair day this entire week, so I took a picture of it. Now I realize I should have spent the time wiping down the mirror.

My GAS quotient is running a little low, thankfully the most difficult decision I have been faced with during the last twelve hours is, "Should I eat my Snickers bar before or after I wash the diapers?"

Had a date on Tuesday night. Husband was there. Quantum of Solace fell in the cart when I sent him to Costco. I can't decide on a clip/photo. So, just do your part to stimulate the economy and get yourself a copy.


Lisa said...

Yikes! Didn't know your blog required censorship...

Crazy Me... said...

Yannette, you crack me up. I love the way you and John can so succinctly state what needs to be said. "The price is wrong. Bitch" hahahahaha...

PS- What the hell is wrong with you? Watch your language!

Casey said...

Just wanted you to know we did our part of the economic stimulation... And if eating lunch at Rubios counts, we did that too.

Holly said...

Take a pic of the wall you hung the pics on... I wanna see, I wanna see! We love you too BTW.
Lisa, if you think you need to censor Yannette's blog you should be warned not to read mine. I guess it's a good thing I disabled the archives! I'd get disfellowshiped for sure!

Holly said...

Maybe I should say..just kidding, ha ha??

Lisa said...

That's okay, because you're still great girls and I'll read your blogs anyway!

Angela said...

Hehe, maybe we should get our hubs together, mine is somewhat of a Happy fan too . . . And super cute Easter Bag!

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