Monday, March 30, 2009

I live to serve.

My sister asked for controversy and Holly asked for a picture of my gallery. Your wishes are my commands.

For Jess-

Can someone please (for the love!!!) explain to me why women like to re-hash the story of their labors over, and over, and over, and over....?

It was three years ago (maybe even longer)!! Surely, you've had something to talk about since then? No one talks about the night they conceived. Make for much more interesting gossip if they would.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not hate pregnant people. Errr.... all of them. I don't hate breast feeding. I especially don't hate nap time. But FOR THE LOVE!!!! Can we please talk about something else at Park Days? We are grown ups. Grown ups do grown up things (don't we?) Do you read? Craft? Cook? Pick your butt? I don't care! The mommy talk has to stop. It is becoming intellectually de-stimulating and occasionally painful to attend. And I wouldn't (trust me), except my kid loves it so much.

From now on I would like to institute new rules. I do not want to hear about your labor story unless in falls in one of the following categories...

a) It was of more than two babies.
b) It was in a foreign country.
c) It was in a bathtub.
d) It was of my child.
e) I ask you directly to tell me about the night your child was born. And it has to be in those words. If I ask how many kids you have you don't need to expound on their entrance into the world.

If it was all of the above, you should have been featured on TLC's A Baby Story. I might of watched that one. Maybe. Probably not. I don't have tv. And I hate that show.

Otherwise, I'm really, really not interested in how long you pushed, when they started Pitocin, how embarrassed you are of the number of people who saw you nekid, etc. That is what your mother and your blog is for. They care. I don't.

From now on, please stick to the rules so that going to the park can be a pleasant experience for all of us.

Anyone else have something they'd like me to pontificate?

For Holly-

New pictures in old frames in the hallway.


Goose said...

much better.

Holly said...

pontificate huh? Love that fun to say! I love your new rules & your new pic frames. Wanna come do mine now?

Casey said...

LMAO! Thanks for the heads up! If I ever blog about birthing, I won't be waiting for your comment cuz you don't care!

Casey said...'s a type of a high-tech hide 'n seek. You use GPS coordinates to find a "stash" that someone has hidden. Sometimes a little prize is inside, and others just a notebook to note who's been there. I think if you google it, you can find places in your area. The family geocaching we did was sponsored by the parks service, and each clue lead to another clue until you got to the end where the kids got a prize. Hope that helps! I'll ask the Mr if there is a sight I should suggest for your Mr.!

cambridgeclan said...

I love the pictures. I think I need your help in my house. I also like the word pontificate. I'll go look it up.

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