Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Sampler (with pictures).

I'm doing my 'Random on Fridays' on Saturday (obviously), just to keep you on your toes. Come on kids. Keep up!

So this week...

- I received a message yesterday with the following. "Good news! Your labs are absolutely normal. Everything looks perfect." It's all relative. What she really should have said is, "Sucky news. We have absolutely no idea what's wrong with you." Where is House? But I doubt it's lupus.

-I was almost famous. Almost. If you count getting a text from my sister in a super shi-shi Malibu restaurant which read. "Pierce Brosnan is at the table next to me!!!!" Apparently he is even hotter in person. Praise be!

- I am no match for sunshine, the beach, shopping, and did I mention the beach? Long Beach, you can kiss my never-to-tan-in-this-mucky-weather hide.

-There is an Anthropologie within driving distance. I think I may be looking for a new job.

- There is also a mini Bellagio (and play park) within driving distance. Right next to Anthropolgie. Hear that Long Beach???? Kiss it.

And with that you can now return to your regularly scheduled programming. Or old reruns of 24 on Hulu (not that that's what I'll be doing today.)


featherhead said...

You know, you could take the hint too and move to sunny so cal.... Goose says JPL is having an open house the first weekend of May and HR will be there... evidently they have lifted their hiring freeze... hint, hint, hint!!!!

Goose said...

hahaha. my DH was looking at the first picture of little miss and said "she's wearing booty shorts!" you might want to be careful where your colors meet and you have seams :) hahaha

Angela said...

Oh it's Scrunch's new pants! Cute! :)

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