Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adoption is not a cure for infertility.

Just in case you wondered. Adoption is not a cure for infertily. If you think it is, please don't do it and please don't advise it. It's just stupid. stupid. stooooopid.

Just in case you were ever tempted to tell someone that was going to/had recently/wanted to adopt about this person you knew 'who got pregnant as soon as the paperwork was in' or 'as soon they got the baby they found out they were pregnant'. If I had a quarter for every time I heard this, I'd have bought the matching loveseat to my sofa. (Wasn't that nicer than calling you stooopid?)

Guess what? We all know someone like that. (Don't look at me.)

But what you don't know is that they were still pursuing fertility treatments.

Or perhaps they never had a concrete diagnosis to begin with.
Or the meds built up over time and decided to work.
Or there was a baby that was meant to come in a different way.
Or they figured the whole sex thing out.
Or they were never infertile to begin with. They just got over the whole overpopulation justification for not wanting children.


Bottom line- You don't know damn thing.


Crazy Me... said... put a bee in your bonnet? Sounds like some moron made a comment to you about something they know nothing about.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Huh, what gave you that impression? :)

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