Thursday, February 12, 2009

If I got my way we might have world peace.

We might have world peace and a whole lot of pillows. I like pillows. I like Pottery Barn. I especially like Pottery Barn's pillows. Unfortunately, I never like them for very long. They are swapped out on a regular basis. (Have you met my husband? He's a very patient man.) I was surprised after making a recent trip that I couldn't find ANYthing I really loved. Well, I loved a lot of things, but since my house doesn't look like their catalog, nothing that would tie everything together. Totally disappointed I walked out without a purchase. I went next door to Crate and Barrel and instantly fell in love with these napkins. Hey! Napkins are just the perfect size for pillows. So that's what I did. Can I tell you much I love it when when things go my way? If more things went my way and people did exactly as I told them...For now I will settle for napkin pillows and two-dollar-a-yard upholstery fabric to recover this chair.

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