Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Smooth talking.

After last night's address there is no doubt in my mind that our Commander in Chief could sell a ketchup (or catsup) popcicle to a woman in a white Armani suit. And I have to say, I'm a sucker too. He had me completely buying into the spiel. The smooth talking. The smooth skin (can he really look that good up close? ). The winks and the smiles. How about the little exchange between he and the First Lady? I almost didn't notice he wanted me to hand over my paycheck.

But then I'm a sucker. They see me coming a mile away. I sat and watched while getting a pedicure and next thing I know I'm getting my eyebrows waxed. Then she asks if I want her to do my lip, too. Did I even need my lip waxed? I wasn't even there for a waxing. Ooooooh. She's good. She was fully expecting I would leave a chunk of this week's earnings with her. Just the thought of my lip needing a wax was enough.

That's okay, I just watched the President's Address to Congress. Lets just throw more money at it and see if it helps.


Marti said...

Every time he gives a speech the stock market goes down. Maybe...if he would stop talking it would go back up? Sorry, off my soapbox now.

northslopegang said...

I did agree about the parenting and education discussion. The rest..hmm....not likely.

[AlisaR] said...

He's good, very good. But I don't think I can afford him.

Casey said...

I'm just glad my income doesn't put me in the "hand over 40%" tax bracket! Frightening.

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