Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Luck Charm

I have a thing for baby clothes. And I had quite the collection before Scrunch was ever born. I would sit in the room that was going to be hers and fold and re-fold the tiny onesies. I'd set them aside with their little matching shoes. Some days I would get them out so I could just look at them. Some habits die hard.

We have an appt. with both our adoption caseworker and OB this morning. This should be fun. It is called the shot-gun approach. I bought this earlier this week for good luck.


Melissa and Michael said...

Aww super cute. I am lame I haven't bought any clothes yet only bath stuff. I really should maybe I will do some shopping this month. Well good luck with everything.

Marti said...

How did all the appointments go?

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