Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nocturnal Awakenings

Ever feel like a moment in your life could be a cartoon? Picture this.

Ani the Coonhound wakes to a raccoon (of all things) on the porch.
Ani begins to bark (duh!).
Ani's bark wakes husband.
Husband gets up and goes to investigate.
Jedi the wimpy Weimaraner knows Papa should not be outside right now so he comes and wakes up mom.
Now mom is up.
Scrunch (never wanting to be left out) is now awake. Wide awake.
After months and months of trying she discovers that the cat is asleep. She quietly sneaks up behind him and pounces. Only he's faster, yowls, hisses and has claws.
Scrunch is now crying.Not funny except she is trapped behind the toilet (so funny).
Mom is in the other bathroom.
Papa yells for mom to come.
Now the neighbors are surely up.

And that is how we all ended up in the bed playing peek-a-boo and eating Craisins at two o'clock in the morning. All except the neighbors that is.


featherhead said...

I'm surprised Ani ventured out from under her cozy blanket long enough to check things out...

cambridgeclan said...

That's why we have a reptile. They are silent even if they don't want to be.

mousemovie said...

Kinda like waking up to blood chilling screams while the cat eats breakfast, eh? That was sorta funny too....

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