Monday, February 16, 2009


A couple of years ago I was driving home and on the phone with my sister and she asked what we were doing for V-day. I told her nothing really. And she said, "Good. Valentine's Day is for amateurs and wanna-bes." I laughed. You will too if you picture my sister saying that. But she is wiser than she realizes.

We usually don't do anything on Valentine's Day. It's crowded, hard to get a reservation, and you have to watch disgusting couples be nice to each other once a year. It was thoroughly entertaining to see who was out at the movies on Saturday afternoon. Big hair. High heels. Holding hands. My favorites were the teeny boppers looking like they were playing dress up.

Sitting inside waiting for the movie to start only got better. I overheard a wife railing on her husband for not getting her chocolates. He mentioned the flowers and a card. She asked why would it be so hard to get her chocolates? She even went so far as to tell him all he had to do was go to Longs or something. I felt so sorry for the guy. And I wanted to tell her she was a beeyotch and should think about eating fewer chocolates. But I held my tongue (amazingly) and thought about what my sister said. Jeez, lady. There is so much more to romance besides lame Long's heart shaped boxes of chocolate.

It is nice to have a reason to get dressed up. Who doesn't love a special occasion? But if you measure your love by a heart shaped box of chocolates, you really are an amateur and a wanna-be. Sweets are sweet and fancy dinners are romantic, but I know my husband loves me by the things he does more than once a year.

He changed my windshield wipers when he heard it was going to rain, runs to the grocery store for me, puts the clothes in the washer into the dryer, empties the dishwasher, puts gas in my car, and last but not least three days before Valentine's Day brings me an entire bag of Snickers. Now that is romance.


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Melissa and Michael said...

i am the same way. Mike kept asking me what he could get for me because this was the first time we were going to be together on valentines day. I told him straight out not to get anything because of all those same reasons. i already know he loves me.

Casey said...

well said! I would have loved to see her expression if you hadn't held your tongue!

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