Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little quiz for you. Don't worry it's multiple choice.

I have three hours before I must be in bed. Husband is playing, uh practicing, with his flight simulator so he's out of the picture.

Do I....?

a) Cast on a new top for me.
b) Start gathering supplies for this awesomeness. (Thanks for the heads up Grami!)
c) Cut out the pieces to my skirt.
d) Come up with something more clever to blog about.
e) None of the above.

Anyone? anyone?


Anonymous said...

I can't see the pictures for A or C so I pick B, but what make you think it will withstand the use of Little Miss, Jedi and Ani?

mousemovie said...

"B"... Then Gramps can teach her how to bake bread!

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