Monday, February 2, 2009

HELP! I'm new at this.

Thanks Flickr.

Look. I've read the books.

A year ago it was How to Raise an Adopted Child. The Happiest Baby on the Block. The No-Cry Sleep Solution.

This week I'm returning The No-Cry Discipline Solution, Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos, and Reading Magic.

But nobody ANYwhere has covered how to change a squirmy one-year-old's diaper without calf roping them and tying them down.


Preferably before PETA gets word.

Thanks Flickr.


northslopegang said...

No fun...distracting and bribery didn't even work. Either the child ended up with a bigger mess or it all ended up on mom. Don't you wish you could just wave the magic wand and have your fairy godmother do all the dirty work?

Casey said...

We like the "sit on the floor with one leg over the top of babies tummy" method! Good times!

Shara Libby said...

Sorry ti tell you this but i think most of us had to pin them down and there is no magic method to get them to lay there at that age. i used to out my ankles on their shoulders and hold them down that way. Just be glad you have a girl the boys have more ways to make a mess all over you haha.

Marti said...

Wait till she takes it off by herself and plays with the contents!!

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