Friday, February 27, 2009

Random on Fridays

It's been a minute since I posted a random thoughts post. From now on I'll do it on Fridays.

- Driving to a little town on the river last weekend in the pouring rain almost gave me a panic attack. It's a two lane road with my side (without a guard rail) dropping off into a cliff and straight into the river. The whole time I kept thinking, "On the one hand it's cold and will take longer for me to drown. On the other hand it is cold and will take longer for me to drown." I had to call my mom so I wouldn't hyperventilate.

- Scrunch let me carry her in asleep from the car today. I forgot how much I love it when she falls asleep on me. BTW you can hold your baby from the moment they are born until they are mobile and they will sleep through the night and they will be independent.

- I have a zit in my eyebrow and it's really ticking me off. It has to stay because it's the kind that hurts too bad to pinch.

- I'm glad Grady and his mom aren't moving.

- I will never forgive myself for not having the camera battery charged when I found Scrunch walking around buck nekid with her sunglasses on her head and hauling around my purse. Never. no never.

- Applebees- Strike three. You're out.

- I almost forgot how much counting your cycles (and blah, blah, blah) sucks.

- I now own a pair of bright yellow rain boots. And I plan on wearing them in public. It's ridiculous how a stupid pair of rain boots can make me smile every time I see them. I've never been much of a trend setter, but go ahead. Get yourself a pair of yellow rain boots and post some random thoughts on Fridays.

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Casey said...

I like your randomness...I can relate (mostly anyway!) My 4 yr old has yellow boots, and a jacket to match...does that count for fashion?

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