Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Lesson

Here's a good reason not to wait until the night before to plan your Sunday School lesson.

Your intense search into the twelve tribes of Isreal and it's gathering shall be interrupted by phone calls to the emergency room and the sneaky administration of medicated capsules.

Ani is allergic to diaper rash cream. A whole tube of it.
(I totally and completely jinxed myself yesterday.)

So, if I don't figure out why there are actually thirteen tribes and where they are, I now know that the dog dosage for Benadryl is 1mg per lb. And you shouldn't turn your back on a two year old (dog) for even a second.

*** This blog is never a substitute for actual medical or veterinary advice or care. In fact, I'd double check with someone before taking any of my advice on anything.

Oh, yeah. There are pictures. Because while the Mommy in me was freaking out anticipating anaphylaxis, the nurse in me thought these hives looked awesome!! The lighting at midnight is not great, but she has about 200+ lumps all over her body.


Marti said...

This is when you show a video and let them play hangman. If it weren't Fast Sunday you could bring treats.
Poor Ani! Are the welts gone yet?

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

This dog has more than nine lives.

Casey said...

Poor puppy! hope she's all better! Can't you just pass out crayons and paper? Works in primary!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures would break anyone heart. How is Anni doing? And i thought the saying was "curiosity killed the cat?" It is a good thing she does have more then nines lives.

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